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What decisions can I make when I'm shopping to reduce air pollution?

The types of products that we purchase, and how we purchase them both affect the amount of pollution we create and expose ourselves to.

A line illustration of two tins of paint. They are both labelled as "Low VOC"

Choose low-chemical cleaning, DIY and personal care products

Try to choose fragrance-free cleaning products and avoid using too much. Always read product labels and follow the manufacturer’s recommended quantities and instructions for use.

Instead of using aerosols, look for other options: use a roll-on deodorant rather than a spray or open the window for fresh air rather than using an air freshener.

When you are planning to decorate your house, choose paints which have a “low VOC” label on them and if possible store them outside of the house, such as in a garage or shed.

A line illustration of three delivery vehicles with air pollution coming out the exhaust

Delivery Options

Diesel vans are one of the largest sources of pollution on our local streets. How we get our online shopping delivered to us can be a big influence on how many polluting delivery vehicles drive down our roads each day.

Look out for green delivery slots: If you are booking a supermarket delivery, they will often indicate when they are already going to be in your area. Choosing one of these delivery slots means that the vans have to do fewer trips, reducing the amount of pollution they create.

Try to order all the products you need from a shop in one go: Some shops may offer the option to group your items into as few deliveries as possible, selecting this option will help to reduce the number of delivery trips to your house.


Choose Click and Collect: Some online stores will give you a click and collect option, where they deliver to a local hub near you, such as nearby shop or locker. As well as avoiding the dreaded red card of a missed delivery, by choosing this option you again reduce the amount of mileage carried out by delivery vehicles.