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How can I reduce pollution when I'm working?


Work from home


If your job can be done remotely, working from home occasionally can reduce the number of times that you have to travel during high pollution periods, such as  rush hours and particularly high pollution days. 


When you are working from home, try to keep your house well ventilated, and avoid burning candles or woodfires, as these contribute to air pollution too.


A line illustration of woman working from home. There is a kettle and a mug on the table, and a cat underneath.
A line illustration of a man standing in a cloud of air pollution

Work Flexibly


When you need to travel to work, see whether it is possible for you to work hours that allow you to avoid the worst of the rush hour. Can you start and leave a bit earlier or later so that you still complete the same number of hours, but miss the traffic?


If you'd like to work more flexibly, we've put together two template letters to help you start a conversation with your manager


If you would like to find out more about where all the stats, facts and figures have come from, see our references page