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How can I link with others to create cleaner air?

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Talk and join forces to beat air pollution together

Talk to your family and friends about what they can do to both minimise their contribution to air pollution and protect themselves from it.

Tell your local councillor you’re worried about air pollution and that you support them taking action to clean up your town/city’s air.

Talk to parents at the school gates about how air pollution in the area could be improved. Ideas might include, setting up a walking bus, lift sharing, and suggestions on how to improve walking and cycling routes in the community

Ask your children’s headteacher how they are planning to make the air cleaner in and around the school, they could use the Clean Air Schools Framework to help them take action.


Ask your boss and/or your HR Manager how they are tackling air pollution in your workplace. From supporting home working, facilitating good travel choices for staff, to improving fleets, there is a great deal that organisations can do to improve air quality. More resources can be found in the Clean Air Day workplace resources.


Urge companies to do their bit to tackle air pollution, like updating their transport policies or changing suppliers. Ask them to sign up to become a business for clean air.

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There are a wide variety of Clean Air campaigns across the UK if you wish to get more involved, examples include: