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Clean Air Day

Make your voice heard for #CleanAirDay

Email your councillor and ask for change.

Councillors have the power to bring in measures that will improve air quality, and we need to show support for this.

On Clean Air Day, we will be calling for councillors to respond to their communities’ concerns about clean air. Make sure they know how important it is to you: we've made it as easy as possible to contact your local councillor for Clean Air Day and ask them what they are doing to bring cleaner air to your area.

Start now by following the step-by-step instructions below. You may find it helpful to open WritetoThem in a new tab.


Write your message

We have created a short template to share some ideas of what your letter could include (see below). However, if you can, please do share your own stories and reflections in the letter - it will make it feel more memorable and help the message stand out.

Top tips!

Introduce yourself - councillors want to hear about the issues that concern their residents so please do include your address and postcode.

Follow up - ask your councillor for a response, and forward it onto us when you get it - [email protected]

Say thank you! If your council are being brave on this topic, say thank you! We need bold politicians to tackle air pollution

Dear Cllr [insert councillor name],

I am one of your constituents living on [insert street/road name].

I’m writing to let you know that I’m very concerned about air pollution in [insert name of your area] and I wanted to ask what you are doing to deliver cleaner air for our area. For example, let’s not miss the chance to clean up London’s air through the Ultra Low Emission Zone expansion.

[If you have any personal stories or reflections linked to why you care about air pollution please share them!]. ​

[It might help to include some detail on the wider impacts of air pollution in case they are unaware - we’ve shared some options to choose below]:​

  • Air pollution is the biggest environmental health risk, causing 36,000 deaths each year in the UK​
  • Cleaning up our air is good for us in many ways: it not only benefits our physical health and the environment but can also protect our mental and brain health. ​
  • Air pollution affects you from your first breath to your last, as the damage to our health can start in the womb and carry on through into old age.​
  • Exposure to high levels of air pollution can cause a range of health impacts, including damaging lung function, triggering asthma, increasing blood pressure, and increasing lung and heart-related hospital admissions and deaths.

I would like to ask you what policies you are specifically supporting or implementing to:

  • Reduce the most polluting vehicles from our streets?​
  • Enable more residents to travel by foot, bike, or public transport? ​
  • Limit the amount of air pollution from home burning in the community?

I also wanted to check what plans [insert name of Council] has for this year’s Clean Air Day on 15th June 2023? [You could let them know if there is an activity you would like to see on the day? Perhaps an event, a school street, or information shared locally?). ​

Best wishes, ​

[insert name]​


Send your message

Visit WriteToThem to get the contact details of your local councillors and send your message. The instructions below will take you through the process step-by-step.

On the WriteToThem website enter your postcode in the box provided

Screenshot of the enter your postcode box on WriteToThem webpage

Choose 'Write to all your councillors'

Screenshot of the

Write your message in the box provided.

WriteToThem will fill out the councillor names for you.

Screenshot of the

Provide some information about yourself, then click the 'Preview and send' button

Screenshot of the

Review your message, edit some more if needed and then click 'I'm happy, send it'!

Screenshot of the

That's it you're done! Thank you for taking action for cleaner air in your community. Please share with your friends, family and neighbours, together we can make a difference.

Join the conversation


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Want to do more? Take action to reduce your exposure and contribution to air pollution

  • Learn about Clean Air. We have lots of information about the impact of air pollution on your health and the environment here on the Clean Air Hub. Learn more about air pollution, and get tips to reduce your exposure and contribution. We even have a planner, so you can get all your actions in one handy download. Right now, London leaders are proposing solutions proven to clean up London’s toxic air – whether that’s the Ultra Low Emission Zone, or measures that enable more people to walk, cycle or take public transport. Get the facts on the impact of ULEZ Let’s not miss this chance for change.

  • Walk, wheel or use public transport. Reduce your exposure and contribution to air pollution.

  • Help spread the word. Check out our Clean Air Day pack, featuring pledge cards, posters, a social media pack and even some bunting!