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School streets needed to ensure child safety post lockdown say parents and NGOs in new research

10 NGOs are calling on Councils to listen to public feedback and Government social distancing guidelines to ensure children are safe on our streets after lockdown.


A new survey has revealed that 6 out of 10 parents are worried about increased levels of traffic when lockdown is lifted, but that they are keen to play their part – with over half planning to walk or cycle more than they did before lockdown. The vast majority of those that plan to be more active (79%) say that restricting vehicle access at certain times of the day would be helpful.


Based on this research, the NGOs are asking councils to take the lead in working with parents and schools and to trial “School Street” schemes in light of the phased reopening of schools next week.


What is a school street?

A school street closes the road to cars during pick up and drop off times – this is particularly important as schools try to manage social distancing at the school gates, while making every child’s journey safer as they walk or cycle to school.


Young children in school uniform a crossing a road with 20mph limits on the ground. Image from Living Streets.

Photo © Living Streets

What steps can I take?

Write to your headteacher and local councillors asking them to implement an emergency school street before your school reopens.


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