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Campaigners resources

Want to get involved in campaigning for clean air? Here are some ideas to get you started.

Write to your MP about:


  • Signing up to your campaign
  • Voting for or against particular legislation (e.g. the Environment Bill)
  • Asking a parliamentary question 
  • Meeting with you to discuss your campaign
  • Drawing public attention to the issue – writing, tweeting, speaking about it.


Note: if you live in Scotland, Northern Ireland, Wales or London some aspects of your campaign may be better addressed to your local assembly members. Find full details here:

Create your own local campaigning group:


Step 1: Finding people


Step 2: Host a meeting

  • Find a venue - choose an accessibility friendly central location with good transport links. This could be a local cafe, community centre or environment centre
  • Meeting topics - getting to know each other, understanding the issues, actions you can take 
  • Let us know if you want to be added to our air pollution campaigners map

Types of actions you can take


  • Hold a stall in a high footfall area to raise awareness about local air pollution issues
  • Hold a town-hall meeting and invite members of the local community to raise awareness
  • Start a letter writing campaign to your MP about a specific change you want to see
  • Start a petition to gain support for a specific change you want to see
  • Respond to local and national government consultations on matters relating to air pollution
  • Run citizen science experiments to gain evidence of the issue in your area and get people involved
  • Run an assembly at your local school to raise awareness of the issues
  • Talk to local businesses about the types of actions they can take