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The Walking Bus

Goose Green Primary School, in the heart of East Dulwich, used Clean Air Day to launch their brand-new walking bus as a way to reduce children's exposure to pollution.


When the walking bus arrived at school, the politicians joined the school and other guests for a special air quality focussed assembly run by the students.


The pupils at Goose Green weren’t the only ones on a walking bus on the 20th June. Over 350 pupils across the UK joined ten buses for Clean Air Day. Pupils from James Allen’s Girls School, also in London, decided they would like to run walking buses on a more regular basis.


On the 20th June 2019, 40 students made their way to school on foot and were joined by local politicians Councillor Richard Livingstone and Helen Hayes MP. Along the way, the students told the politicians about all the things they had been learning in class about improving air quality and explained to them the amazing changes the schools had made to improve the air, such as creating an ivy green screen.

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