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Simple steps to improve the air quality in your home

Here are 9 simple steps to improve the air quality in your home, in line with the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) indoor air quality guidelines at home:


  • When cooking or cleaning try to create good ventilation by using an extractor fan or opening windows, if an extractor fan is not available and if possible and safe.
  • When possible avoid using open fires that burn solid fuels, free standing gas heaters and candles. If you have to use solid fuels, try to make sure these are smokeless or if you’re burning wood make sure it’s dry and well-seasoned.
  • Take care when using cleaning products, aerosols, household sprays, paints and other consumer products. Always read product labels and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and recommended quantities for use. If you have to use these products indoors consider ways you could improve ventilation. When possible try to use low emission products and consider storing them in a shed or garage.
  • When buying new items for your home such as furniture, fittings and flooring look for low emitting products. Consider asking the supplier for information on emissions and pollutants.
  • Don’t use unflued paraffin/kerosene heaters that are not vented to the outside, such as portable appliances.
  • Don’t smoke inside your home, for more information on the risks of tobacco smoke visit
  • To help prevent mould use trickle vents (found on some windows) and extractor fans or open the window (if possible and safe). You can help avoid moisture by drying clothes outdoors, repairing water leaks/damage and using extractor fans or opening windows (if possible and safe), when bathing and showering.
  • Vacuuming regularly can help to minimise dust and pet dander within your home. Mopping and steaming hard floors may also help.
  • If you’re concerned about radon you can get more information and advice at


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