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Air pollution and health

Air pollution can affect our health throughout our lives. We've pulled together the main health impacts for you, your children and all of your family. 

How are air pollution and coronavirus linked?


Many papers have been published about COVID-19 and air pollution. A recent review of the evidence by Imperial college suggests:

Living in an area with high air pollution may increase the likelihood of contracting COVID-19 if you are exposed to it.

Air pollution can worsen heart and lung disease and people with these health conditions are more vulnerable to hospital admissions from COVID-19


In this video we speak to Professor Stephen Holgate, Medical Research Council Clinical Professor of Immunopharmacology and Honorary Consultant Physician within Medicine at the University of Southampton, and UK Clean Air Champion, about the links between COVID-19 and air pollution.


If you would like to find out more about where all the stats, facts and figures have come from, see our references page