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Build Back Cleaner Air

For our #BuildBackCleanerAir campaign, we are looking for insights from the public that will inspire government and businesses to build back cleaner air for when we return to “business as usual”. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be asking you to share your thoughts on four topics in the form of photos, videos and messages. 

The four topics we are looking into are:


  • How you are experiencing the impact of reduced traffic in your daily life  
  • How you are embracing walking/ cycling both as a mode of transport and as a leisure activity  
  • Given that shopping locally by foot or bike is better for cleaner air, which businesses you are most looking forward to returning to once lockdown is over    
  • How you have found working from home and whether you think you will consider it more often in the future  

HOW: We would prefer videos, with you explaining what you are filming, but if you prefer to send photos, please ensure they come with accompanied text to explain what you are showing us.


WHERE: Please email your photos, videos and messages to: [email protected]

For any queries, please head to our FAQs page or email: [email protected]  


We ask that you: 

  • Film with your camera on its side (landscape)
    Limit your films to 30 seconds
    Record at 1080p (Full HD) if possible

Please undertake any filming responsibly, ensuring you comply with the latest government advice on social distancing and do not film anyone without their permission. 

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