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Build Back Cleaner Air

UK public, we would love to hear about the experiences you are having during the coronavirus lockdown (positive or negative) for our #BuildBackCleanerAir campaign.


The coronavirus crisis and lockdown measures have had an impact on our health and freedom. However, these circumstances have also resulted in a rare opportunity to change the way we are living and reconsider what we want to return to as we emerge from lockdown. As unwelcome as this situation is, we must take this chance to decide what our new “normal” will be.


Less traffic has made the roads safer for our children and less damaging to our health. Many of us are experiencing what it is like to walk in peace and for our families to cycle safely - and with more space and access to clean air.


Poor air quality was a threat to our health before coronavirus, but new evidence suggests that air pollution can make us even more vulnerable to the effects of the virus. We must build back cleaner air in the future to better protect our health, and to ensure that everyone, especially those recovering from coronavirus, have access to clean air.


This is a critical time where politicians need to consider how residents can move safely around communities once lockdown eases. While social distancing will reduce capacity on public transport, we must avoid a mass shift to cars. Instead, can we follow in the footsteps of Milan and deliver plans to make walking and cycling easy, safe and attractive for all residents.


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Our voices have never been more powerful, and you can help shape the future of your city, today.


Government and business are open to hearing about your experiences of lower air pollution during lockdown as well as your ideas for how we can build safer and cleaner cities. Your videos and stories will build an evidence bank which will demonstrate to government and business the kind of change you want to see. The more people that take part - and the greater the range of voices we hear - the more we will be listened to.


Take this chance to shape how we #BuildBackCleanerAir.


Over the next few weeks, we are asking you to share your feedback on these topics in the form of photos, videos and messages.  


The number one priority is of course to protect the health and wellbeing of the public, so do only take part if it is safe for you to do so and following government coronavirus guidelines.  

What you need to know


WHAT: You may have noticed fewer cars on the road or in fact more cars. Have you found the pavements lack space for people to safely social distance? Are you noticing new smells from less car fumes or noticing new wildlife in the garden for the first time?
You might be embracing active travel and would like to give us a virtual tour. Do you have a quirky way of working with your children or perhaps a work schedule that Elon Musk would be envious of?

We want you to share these positive experiences, specifically:
• How has reduced road traffic affected your daily life?
• How are you embracing walking and cycling, both as a form of exercise and transport?
• Which shops, cafes, restaurants, and businesses are you most looking forward to returning to when lockdown is over?
• How are you embracing working from home?
• Any reflections on what you want to see after the lockdown eases for clean air.


WHY: As part of this project, we are looking for insights that will inspire government and businesses to build back cleaner air for when we return from lockdown. "Normal life" does not have to mean bringing back air pollution and we have the power to change this.

HOW: We would prefer videos, with you explaining what you are filming, but if you prefer to send photos, please ensure they come with accompanied text to explain what you are showing us. For examples on what we are looking for, please watch this video. 


WHERE: Please use our #BuildBackCleanerAir hashtag or email your photos, videos and messages to: [email protected]

For any queries, please head to our FAQs page or email: [email protected]  


We ask that you:

  • Film with your camera on its side (landscape) 
  • Limit your films to 30 seconds
  • Record at 1080p (Full HD) if possible 
  • Please undertake any filming responsibly, ensuring you comply with the latest government advice on social distancing and do not film anyone without their permission. 


You can find further technical tips and handy filming advice here 


Thank you for taking the time to share your experiences with us.