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Our Clean Air Vision

We want to live on a healthy planet where people breathe clean air. This needs people to understand the full picture on air pollution and be supportive of urgent national and local action to improve air quality. We want people to be enabled and empowered to make clean air choices .


To do this we need consistent and reliable information to help us work together to develop and live a clean air future. But we also need a shared vision of what our clean air future might look like.


This might include a future with some of these things:

Changing use of vehicles


The vehicles on our roads are working efficiently, whether that's shared use of taxis for those that need them, increased use of car clubs rather than car ownership, efficient freight vehicles and/or human powered last mile deliveries.

People prioritised over vehicles

Changed towns, cities and transport systems which prioritise people and their mobility, ensuring safe routes for pedestrians and cyclists, interconnected public transport, and/or a reduction in oversized vehicles transporting one person.

A transition to zero-emission vehicles powered by renewable energy

More vehicles that use people power, whether bicycles, scooters or cargo bikes. The vehicles that we do need on our roads are powered by renewable electricity, whether that's taxis, buses, ambulances or vans. An efficient and effective charging network giving people confidence in electric vehicles, and the network to be powered by renewable energy.